Young Survival Coalition (YSC) is a national non-profit focused on creating community, resources, and support for young adults (under 40) facing breast cancer. Since 2013, KDD has supported the efforts of YSC’s marketing initiatives and events.

Challenge: Young Survival Coalition has multiple marketing needs throughout the year, including conferences, fundraisers, and materials that provide support and education for young adults who are diagnosed with breast cancer and their families. YSC also maintains several online resources and initiatives that require frequent updating.

Result: In our work with YSC, our team has helped to brand various initiatives, including conferences, events, and milestone anniversary year celebrations, to name a few. KDD is proud to lend ongoing design support to YSC, encompassing websites, annual reports, merchandise, advertisements, signage, social media graphics, email marketing campaigns, postcards, sponsorship packets, booklets, resource guides, posters, invitations, holiday cards, stationery, and PowerPoint presentations.

Click through the gallery below to see more of what we created for YSC: