This start-up not-for-profit organization came to KDD early in the planning stages to help develop their visual brand. The brand needed to reflect energy, community, and a theme of “tribe.”


Challenge: Working for Women faced a dual challenge of establishing a distinctive visual identity and creating an effective online presence. With the need for an iconic and interchangeable logo system, the organization sought KDD’s expertise to breathe vibrancy and personality into its visual brand. Additionally, as Working for Women expanded its outreach, there was a pressing requirement for a well-crafted website to communicate its mission, attract potential members, and engage with prospective partners.

Result: KDD met the challenge by navigating and creating a comprehensive design plan. Through a series of meticulous logo explorations, our team crafted a dynamic and distinct logo scheme that uniquely expressed the identity of Working for Women. The palette of congruous colors added depth and visual appeal to the organization’s brand. KDD also executed two phases for the website development strategy. The first stage was a quick and bare-bones WordPress website, built for feasibility, essentially focused on capturing interested members and potential partners. In the second phase, our team designed and developed a custom WordPress website, which provided Working for Women with a powerful online presence to showcase their mission. KDD continues to work with Working for Women on website landing pages and other initiatives.

Click through the gallery below to see more of what we created for Working For Women: