Solid State Cooling Systems (SSCS) is a leading manufacturer of thermoelectric recirculating chillers, offering a broad portfolio of products to a global customer base. The company contacted KDD because its website had become outdated and overly complicated to navigate.

Challenge: SSCS wanted a new website that would help promote brand
awareness, attract new customers, and present a large amount of complex information in an organized, mobile-friendly way. The website also needed the ability to process unique sets of customer-provided data to generate instant quotes. Since the company’s leadership team would be performing future content updates, the backend of the site needed to be user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Result: Our team worked with SSCS to streamline their content to draw new visitors into the experience of the website. We developed an efficient website structure with intuitive navigation. Each product page includes item specifications and performance data charts that are easy to understand and download, as well as a process to deliver highly-customized instant quotes based on customer needs and location. KDD also provided SSCS with a live and recorded tutorial so that current and future staff would be able to update and maintain the site.

The new website is responsive, accessible, well-organized, and SEO-friendly, which has elevated the SSCS brand and increased its reach to new customers throughout the world.