A popular local restaurant chain needed help managing social media and reaching a wider audience.

Challenge: With multiple locations, and another in the works, the owners of the restaurant chain needed help defining a social media strategy, developing content, and reaching more people in the region where they operate. The chain was well-known for its signature dish but needed help raising awareness of its other menu items. Although each location had dinnertime regulars, the owners wanted to reach new customers, including tourists and the local lunchtime crowd.

Result: KDD defined a social media strategy for the chain, focusing on consistent posting, reinforcing brand recognition, and showcasing a variety of content. Social media posts have included the full range of menu items, user-generated content, customer reviews, and promoting lunch specials. Our team also managed the creation of new content by conducting photoshoots at each of the restaurant’s locations. In addition, KDD encouraged the chain owners to consider alternative marketing initiatives to expose their business to a wider audience. As a result, the expanded marketing efforts and content consistency have generated significant increases in organic reach and engagement on social media and an uptick in year-on-year sales for each of the restaurants.