An internationally renowned keynote speaker, author, and thought leader contacted KDD about managing her social media presence and promoting her new podcast. She was seeking a marketing team that could hit the ground running for a seamless transition from her former social media manager.

Challenge: Our client had a well-established brand with a specific voice and message tailored to her niche audience of Fortune 500 companies and C-suite executives. She had a very active social media presence and was looking for new ideas on the types of content she could be sharing. Her podcast had not yet been branded or packaged for social media promotion.

Result: In order to quickly adopt our client’s voice and message, our team audited her past social media posts, researched prior media appearances, such as television interviews and articles, and thoroughly reviewed her speeches, books, videos, and podcasts. We crafted an extensive social media strategy that included updated graphics, a steady pace of new, informative, and engaging content, and an achievable schedule for recording, promoting, and releasing new podcast episodes. This fresh approach has greatly enhanced our client’s social media presence and elevated the quality of engagement among her substantial following.