The executives at Gateway Hudson Valley, a non-profit social services organization, needed help transforming how they tell their story.

Challenge: Gateway Hudson Valley underwent a drastic change in how the organization accomplishes its mission. Despite a newish website and a recent rebrand, Gateway was struggling to convey these changes to the general public. A new content strategy and restructured website were needed to effectively raise awareness and share the bounty of services this organization offers.

Result: KDD began by surveying the footprint of the brand and viewing it from the eye of an outsider. We were able to identify gaps and confusion in the content on the website, inconsistencies across social profiles, and missed engagement opportunities. By rebuilding and reorganizing the website, KDD helped Gateway meet its goals of better reach, awareness, and understanding of the brand. In addition, we laid out a comprehensive marketing strategy – including tagline and messaging, annual report design, and ongoing communications – to help Gateway better share its mission. By implementing new tactics, KDD helped Gateway change not only the public view of the organization but also the perception of adults with developmental disabilities. KDD continues to support Gateway Hudson Valley in its efforts to better engage with the community.