After running their own paid search ads for several years, the partners at a law firm approached KDD for insight and assistance. The Google Ads platform had changed significantly since their campaigns were first launched, and the firm was seeking an agency with the expertise needed to adapt to those changes and run successful campaigns with proven results.

Challenge: The firm wanted to reach a very specific audience for the types of cases they handle and target a large geographic area while prioritizing some locations over others. Since their prior campaigns had not been optimized for that audience, there was very little historical data that could be used to inform the design of new campaigns. Additionally, the firm’s website did not have a landing page to support the performance of the ads.

Result: KDD did extensive audience and keyword research to design streamlined campaigns that would generate quality leads and ensure that the budget was allocated according to the firm’s priority target locations. Our team also created an SEO/SEM-friendly landing page that included a lead generation form. Through our transparent reporting and monthly client meetings, we have been able to collaborate with the firm to adjust the ads as needed to improve performance. Since the new campaigns have been running, there has been a steady stream of leads resulting in several large cases for the firm.