When Brickmen Kitchen + Bar opened in Uptown Kingston, New York, the restaurant brought a globally-inspired menu to the Hudson Valley while embracing the area’s industrial heritage. The name “Brickmen” pays homage to Kingston’s history as a brickmaking hub and to the owner’s grandfather, who was a prominent brickyard worker.

Challenge: As long-time client and friend Dave Amato was preparing to open Brickmen Kitchen + Bar, he came to KDD for his website, menus, and marketing materials. While Jackson Creative Group created the logo as part of their restaurant design package, KDD was tasked with translating that logo into a full visual brand. There was a clear direction for the cuisine, but the challenge was to create messaging that would convey the restaurant’s diverse menu flavors, vintage atmosphere, and historical influence.

Result: KDD began with the messaging for Brickmen Kitchen + Bar, developing a brand voice and storytelling strategy that features the cuisine, physical design of the restaurant, and the brickyard legacy of Dave’s grandfather. KDD designed the website, menus, and various advertising to support Brickmen’s marketing efforts, and continues to partner with Dave, offering support in this and other ventures.

Click through the gallery below to see more of what we created for Brickmen Kicthen + Bar: