The Alden March Bioethics Institute (AMBI) of Albany Medical College came to KDD seeking fresh ideas and a more hands-on approach to building its brand message.

Challenge: AMBI is internationally recognized as a leader in the growing field of bioethics, offering Graduate Degree and Graduate Certificate programs in Clinical Ethics, Bioethics, and Health Ethics and Policy. The institute’s brand image needed a major rejuvenation to remain competitive amidst an expanding field of rivals in the bioethics education space. Recent marketing efforts and digital advertising campaigns lacked versatility, innovation, and definitive examples of ROI. In addition to redesigning AMBI’s logo and updating its brand guidelines, KDD was tasked with creating a robust marketing and advertising strategy that would reach and attract a wider target audience with the measurable goal of increasing enrollments. Both the rebranding and marketing efforts needed to align with Albany Medical College’s global brand guidelines and messaging.

Result: The KDD team created a fresh, well-defined, recognizable logo and a cohesive set of brand guidelines that were implemented across all of AMBI’s traditional and digital materials. Working within the confines of an existing website structure, KDD consulted to improve the content and messaging to better resonate with prospective students. In addition, KDD created new email funnels that respond to program inquiries and guide potential students toward enrollment. After a detailed analysis of AMBI’s past Google Search ads, KDD developed a comprehensive campaign strategy that properly optimized ads to produce better ad performance and conversions without increasing the ad budget. Throughout the entire process, KDD guided AMBI’s decision-makers by offering thoughtful and research-backed recommendations, providing data with clear explanations for how goals were being accomplished, and adapting our strategy, as needed, based on AMBI’s feedback and ideas. KDD continues to act as a team partner with Alden March Bioethics Institute, consulting in content and strategic digital marketing.