Sensory Spectrum, a consumer science consulting firm that helps brands leverage the senses of their target audience, needed to find cohesion in its multi-faceted marketing efforts.

Challenge: A lack of brand guidelines was causing chaos for Sensory Spectrum as staff across the company were creating visually inconsistent marketing materials. In addition, the firm’s existing logo did not translate well across many required applications, from business cards to trade show displays. Sensory Spectrum enlisted KDD to refine the company’s brand identity and establish clear visual guidelines.

Result: KDD improved upon Sensory Spectrum’s existing logo and transformed the brand visuals into versatile assets representing the firm’s wide range of services. Our team then developed and implemented new brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all channels. With cohesive visuals in place, KDD designed a PowerPoint deck and consulted on messaging for the presentation. Our team also created trade show flyers and banners, holiday cards, a book cover, and more, and we continue to support Sensory Spectrum’s ongoing marketing needs.

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Kingston City Land Bank (KCLB), a local not-for-profit community revitalization and housing organization, needed an updated logo and an upgraded website.

Challenge: KCLB posted a request-for-proposal (RFP) because the organization’s existing logo did not reflect the care, artistry, or ideals behind its work. KDD responded and was selected to design a refreshed logo and brand identity. Later, KCLB issued a second RFP for a new website, as the existing site was difficult to update and visually inconsistent with the redesigned branding. Our team responded again and was ultimately chosen for the website project.

Result: KDD began by designing a logo that better reflects KCLB’s mission and work to improve the quality of life for community members while stabilizing and enhancing neighborhoods. When it came time to create a new website, KDD translated the refreshed visual identity into an easy-to-update WordPress site. Our branding and website work has up-leveled the organization’s marketing and allows KCLB staff to easily maintain current information about properties, news, events, and more.

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A well-known, family-run real estate company needed help renaming its parent organization, establishing a brand architecture for its portfolio of properties and services, and developing brand identities for new offerings.

Challenge: The company’s owners first approached KDD because the current name had become synonymous with their active adult communities. They were seeking a new name and brand for their parent organization that would maintain the brand recognition they had been building for over 30 years while allowing them to grow and evolve.

The refreshed identity needed to reflect the family’s distinct values, honor the firm’s history, and unite the many other brands under its umbrella, including market-rate apartments, 55+ adult housing, commercial properties, mixed-use developments, lifestyle offerings, and future potential developments.

Result: Taking inspiration from the organization’s heritage and values, KDD helped the owners arrive at a new name for the parent company: LiveWell Group. Our team created an architecture that encapsulated the firm’s full breadth of offerings, and we used design elements of existing property logos to inform our approach to the new visual identity of the parent company. KDD developed a logo package, brand guidelines, business cards, stationery, and recommendations for implementing these changes on the company’s existing website. Ultimately, the LiveWell Group branding brought cohesion to the organization, better conveyed the company’s values, and set the owners up for success in future developments.

After completing the first rebranding project. KDD was engaged to design the visual identity for the active adult communities’ new lifestyle offering: SpinneyLife. Our team created a logo, brand guidelines, and various marketing materials for the new brand.

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The founder of a rapidly growing market research firm approached KDD when they decided it was time to outsource their marketing efforts.

Challenge: Focused on large research projects for national and international clients, the firm had little time to keep up with social media and email marketing. They lacked a cohesive marketing strategy, and their messaging was not aligned with the firm’s true brand identity, nor the services it offered. In addition, the firm’s goal was to target multiple distinct audiences with its marketing efforts, but an “all things to all people” approach was holding the team back from engaging the right prospective clients.

Result: KDD began by auditing the firm’s existing marketing efforts, with a focus on branding, messaging, and content strategy. We created streamlined graphics to present a more authentic and consistent brand image, all while staying true to their current visuals. We began preparing monthly content calendars that would speak to each of the firm’s unique audiences while also better aligning with best practices for social media and email campaigns. While KDD’s revised marketing strategy has so far resulted in increased engagement on social media and improved click-through rates (CTR) in emails, we continue to work with the client to attain more improvements in marketing metrics.

An internationally renowned keynote speaker, author, and thought leader contacted KDD about managing her social media presence and promoting her new podcast. She was seeking a marketing team that could hit the ground running for a seamless transition from her former social media manager.

Challenge: Our client had a well-established brand with a specific voice and message tailored to her niche audience of Fortune 500 companies and C-suite executives. She had a very active social media presence and was looking for new ideas on the types of content she could be sharing. Her podcast had not yet been branded or packaged for social media promotion.

Result: In order to quickly adopt our client’s voice and message, our team audited her past social media posts, researched prior media appearances, such as television interviews and articles, and thoroughly reviewed her speeches, books, videos, and podcasts. We crafted an extensive social media strategy that included updated graphics, a steady pace of new, informative, and engaging content, and an achievable schedule for recording, promoting, and releasing new podcast episodes. This fresh approach has greatly enhanced our client’s social media presence and elevated the quality of engagement among her substantial following.

After running their own paid search ads for several years, the partners at a law firm approached KDD for insight and assistance. The Google Ads platform had changed significantly since their campaigns were first launched, and the firm was seeking an agency with the expertise needed to adapt to those changes and run successful campaigns with proven results.

Challenge: The firm wanted to reach a very specific audience for the types of cases they handle and target a large geographic area while prioritizing some locations over others. Since their prior campaigns had not been optimized for that audience, there was very little historical data that could be used to inform the design of new campaigns. Additionally, the firm’s website did not have a landing page to support the performance of the ads.

Result: KDD did extensive audience and keyword research to design streamlined campaigns that would generate quality leads and ensure that the budget was allocated according to the firm’s priority target locations. Our team also created an SEO/SEM-friendly landing page that included a lead generation form. Through our transparent reporting and monthly client meetings, we have been able to collaborate with the firm to adjust the ads as needed to improve performance. Since the new campaigns have been running, there has been a steady stream of leads resulting in several large cases for the firm.

A popular local restaurant chain needed help managing social media and reaching a wider audience.

Challenge: With multiple locations, and another in the works, the owners of the restaurant chain needed help defining a social media strategy, developing content, and reaching more people in the region where they operate. The chain was well-known for its signature dish but needed help raising awareness of its other menu items. Although each location had dinnertime regulars, the owners wanted to reach new customers, including tourists and the local lunchtime crowd.

Result: KDD defined a social media strategy for the chain, focusing on consistent posting, reinforcing brand recognition, and showcasing a variety of content. Social media posts have included the full range of menu items, user-generated content, customer reviews, and promoting lunch specials. Our team also managed the creation of new content by conducting photoshoots at each of the restaurant’s locations. In addition, KDD encouraged the chain owners to consider alternative marketing initiatives to expose their business to a wider audience. As a result, the expanded marketing efforts and content consistency have generated significant increases in organic reach and engagement on social media and an uptick in year-on-year sales for each of the restaurants.

The owners of a skincare and massage studio, which had been open for about a year, wanted their business to quickly evolve into a premier wellness destination. They approached KDD for assistance with refining their brand, reaching new clients, and maintaining consistent contact with current clients.


Challenge: The studio’s branding efforts had been handled by several different sources, which led to inefficient workflow and marketing challenges. KDD stepped in as a marketing consultant to help fine-tune the different strategies for more efficient marketing and ensure a consistent brand. Our work has included: revising their website with a new sitemap and new content, auditing their social media and making recommendations for increasing organic reach and engagement, creating monthly email marketing campaigns, initiating and managing Google Ads, designing print ads and signage, and updating their logo to reflect their evolving business.

Result: Significant growth in Farida Studio’s client base has helped them expand their services and move to a larger location.

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When Brickmen Kitchen + Bar opened in Uptown Kingston, New York, the restaurant brought a globally-inspired menu to the Hudson Valley while embracing the area’s industrial heritage. The name “Brickmen” pays homage to Kingston’s history as a brickmaking hub and to the owner’s grandfather, who was a prominent brickyard worker.

Challenge: As long-time client and friend Dave Amato was preparing to open Brickmen Kitchen + Bar, he came to KDD for his website, menus, and marketing materials. While Jackson Creative Group created the logo as part of their restaurant design package, KDD was tasked with translating that logo into a full visual brand. There was a clear direction for the cuisine, but the challenge was to create messaging that would convey the restaurant’s diverse menu flavors, vintage atmosphere, and historical influence.

Result: KDD began with the messaging for Brickmen Kitchen + Bar, developing a brand voice and storytelling strategy that features the cuisine, physical design of the restaurant, and the brickyard legacy of Dave’s grandfather. KDD designed the website, menus, and various advertising to support Brickmen’s marketing efforts, and continues to partner with Dave, offering support in this and other ventures.

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