Where’s your favicon?


It’s the little things

Have you ever noticed that some websites have a tiny little icon next to their name at the top of your browser window? Or maybe you’ve noticed the little icons that appear next to your bookmark list. But some sites have them, some sites don’t. Ever wonder why?

That little icon is called a favicon. It’s a custom icon that your web developer can add to any website. If no one thought to add the favicon, then you probably don’t have one on your site. But here’s the rub: some web hosts include their branded favicon automatically in your website files! So if no one thinks to delete or replace the favicon, you may be inadvertently advertising your web host, rather than taking a small opportunity to promote your brand.

Like I said, it’s a little thing. There’s no reason you HAVE to have a favicon. It’s not affecting your rankings or SEO (search engine optimization). But it’s a little way you can make your site feel more complete and promote your brand. And if your sporting someone else’s brand, then it’s definitely time call your developer!