What is a CTA?


Do you ever just want to tell your website users to “Click the damn button”? If yes, watch below to understand what the heck a CTA is…

Watch now! For a full transcript, see below…

Hi! I’m Katy Dwyer from KDD, and I’m here to answer the question: WHAT is a CTA?

The Term CTA Stands for CALL TO ACTION.

The most commonly recognized calls to action are links and buttons on a website.

For Example… YES! Get my free download! Subscribe to our Newsletter! or BUY IT NOW!

Why Do I Need them?
CTAs help tell your customer what to do next. That can mean many things, like leading them through your website, taking the next step to becoming a customer, or simply buying now.

The benefit for YOU and your business?
CTAs increase conversion rates!

Still Not convinced? Here’s some helpful stats…

According to Unbounce More than 90% of visitors who read your headline also read your CTA.

ContentVerve saw a 90% increase in click-through rate by using first-person phrasing: “Start my free 30 day trial” vs. “Start your free 30 day trial.”

According to VWO, reducing clutter around their CTA increased Open Mile’s conversion rate by 232%.

The next time you are wondering how to INCREASE click through rates and conversion rates, give your website a CTA audit!

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