Website Launch Roundup


2018 was another busy year for KDD, so much so, it took us half-way into 2019 to even share a roundup of all the sites we launched last year! We expanded our office, expanded our team, and expanded our list of amazing clients that we are proud to serve. Read on for just a taste of what we made live last year.

Old Dutch Church Website


Old Dutch Church

This historic Reformed church dates back to 1660. It’s mission is to be welcoming and inclusive of all, be a community player, and a place of sanctuary and prayer. Their website at the time didn’t reflect much beyond the historic nature of the building itself. We helped to design and build a custom website that shines a light on the church as a community presence, and a place where love gathers.

Wiltwyck Golf Club

This local championship golf course, in business since 1933, was under new ownership and while the brand needed a facelift, the website needed a complete overhaul. Contracted for the project in January 2018, we managed to rebrand and relaunch the website by the end of March 2018. We don’t usually enjoy working at such a breakneck pace, but this had a nice flow, and we were pleased to accommodate the clients rush needs!

Wiltwyck Website

Friends 6.0 Website

Friends 6.0

It isn’t often we get to work on a true blog website. This project was creative and unique. In addition to designing the website, KDD also designed and illustrated the logo.

Working for Women

It’s not often that you launch two iterations of one website within less than a year, but that’s what we did for Working for Women. Initially brought on the design the branding, KDD was hired to build a simple starter website as this non-profit was revving up to launch. A few months later, closer to launch, they were ready to start thinking about the full website, and KDD designed and built Working for Women’s custom WordPress website.

Working for Women

Segue Cloud Services Website

Segue Cloud Services

It seems 2018 was the year of the tight deadline. Segue Cloud Services was a new software solution that needed a brand, marketing materials, a demo video, and a website, all within one month. Challenge accepted! We think this one came out particularly well too.

Vassar-Warner Home

A brand refresh and a new website was in order for this not-for-profit senior living residence. Working with both the board of trustees and the Executive Director, KDD helped to rethink the brand, sitemap, and event consulted on photography for this unique residence. Making their historic home the centerpiece, we highlighted their many events, beautiful architecture, and non-profit status throughout the website.

Vassar-Warner Home Website