TikTok Strategy Tips from a Social Media Specialist


By Caroline Aurigemma

Although posting on TikTok could be beneficial to your business, the algorithm is constantly changing and involves strategy if the goal is going viral.



Not sure where to start when it comes to TikTok? KDD has these must-read insider tips for you.

1. Captivate from the start!

Engagement is the main metric on TikTok. The longer a user watches your video, the better chance that your video will go viral. You’ll want to captivate your audience from the initial seconds of your video, as many people will swipe by if they are not immediately interested.

⭐️ Pro Tip: Start with an impactful or shocking statement or the final outcome of a service or project. Often sharing the most aesthetic shot or the most impressive or rousing statement will keep users curious and persuade them to watch the video in its entirety.


2. Post consistently.

The algorithm rewards accounts that are actively posting. As a business account you should be posting content multiple times a week. Posting branded videos, FAQs about your products or services, or testimonials from customers can all assist your brand awareness and boost your content in the algorithm.

⭐️ Pro Tip: Batch your content and post frequently throughout the week.


3. What’s trending?

Take advantage of all things trending; sounds, hashtags and transitions will amplify your video in the algorithm. You can also include a trending sound and then turn the volume down and put a voiceover on top.

⭐️️ Pro Tip: Find out what’s trending on the Discover page. The most popular hashtags and sounds will come up first! Stay on trend weekly by following up with the “The Top TikTok Trends to Try This Week” blog at Later.com


4. Humans help.

It’s true, people want to see people. Videos are more actively viewed and engaged with when there is a real relatable component or subject.

⭐️ Pro Tip: Make sure to involve humans in every video! Some examples of ways to do this are voice overs, videos of customers or clients reviewing or using products and services, or duetting videos that mention you and react to that content.


5. Engage, engage, engage!

TikTok is an engaging platform. From discussions in the comments and reacting to videos, to reposting, the algorithm will validate that you’re an active account when you engage

    • Whats Duet? This feature places your video side-by-side with another creator’s video. You can use this to react, compliment someone on their technique, suggest a solution if their video presents a problem, or create your own version of whatever craft they’ve made. 
    • What’s Stitch? This option allows you to place a few seconds of someone’s video within your video. Stitching a video can come in handy if there’s a clip from someone’s video that you like and want to build on.

⭐️ Pro Tip: Make engagement part of your daily social media strategy.


Do you have additional questions about TikTok or social media strategy? Drop us a line and our Social Media Specialists can help you out!

Caroline Aurigemma was the Social Media & Communications Specialist at KDD through December 2022. Caroline is a Hudson Valley native who has found a passion for helping small businesses grow their social media presence.