Thinking about designing your own website?


Think again.

There are many services out there that give consumers the ability to design their own anything… Design your own website… Design your own business cards… Design your own logo…

In theory, this sounds great! No need to spend a lot of money on a website design. No need to hire a web designer or developer. And you can just get it done! No need to wait on other people’s schedules. Get your business and/or website up and running in no time! But is designing your own website really the right move?

The Price

Sites like Wix and Vista Print offer such services at what seems like an unbeatable price. Sometimes, it’s even called FREE. But in the long run, you wind up paying monthly for ‘maintenance’ or subscription fees. And have you gotten a site that will truly work for you the way you need it to? Plus, if you ever leave their hosting platform, you can’t take your website with you.

The Experience

You can even download a predesigned WordPress theme for $100 or less. But do you understand the principles of good website design? With that question, I mean more than does it just look good. Is all the information where it should be? How’s the user experience? Is your site easy to navigate? Is the copy written to truly attract your target market? What about good calls to action? Is the photography professional and attractive? Have you added all the right plugins for security and backup? Think about it… Would you try to build an addition on your house by yourself, or would you hire a professional?

The Time Factor

Running a business is no easy task. Do you really want to add to the the time it will take you to set up your website? You likely will have to spend countless hours simply learning the platform you are working in. Would your hours be better spent networking and running your business?


One of our goals at KDD is to help you market yourself effectively. In many cases, that involves giving tips and advice on how to do-it-yourself. We don’t all have a never-ending marketing budget. But when it comes to designing and developing your website, it’s not something the average person should try to do themselves. Many of our website projects come from people who did try to do-it-themselves, and realized when it was time to hire a professional. Your website is often your potential customer’s first impression of you. Put your best foot forward in what is probably your most visible marketing. Hire a professional to design your website!