Scam Alert! Facebook Account Deletion: 4 Things To Know


by Keri Jadrovski


Hands holding a smart phone showing a Facebook message with the word Scam written across the screen

Got a message saying your Facebook or Instagram account is about to be deleted?

Keep calm and read this.

We’ve noticed a huge increase in direct messages, comments, texts, and emails claiming that a Meta account (Facebook/Instagram) is about to be suspended or deleted due to community standards violations, copyright or trademark infringement, intellectual property rights violations, etc. Many worried clients are reaching out to us to ask if these messages are real or a scam.

Spoiler alert: They’re scams.

However, even knowing that they’re fake, it can be easy to second-guess yourself and think “but what if it’s real this time?”

Here are 4 things you should or should NOT do if you receive one of these messages via email, text, DMs, or comments:

  1. DO NOT click on any links or open/download any attachments, and do not forward suspicious messages to anyone. If you want to seek a second opinion as to whether it’s fake, take a screenshot.
  1. DO think it through.
    Understanding what constitutes a violation and how Meta enforces its policies will help you confidently identify a scam from the real thing. Here is the latest information from Meta*:

    A. Violations to community standards include content with known hate terms, speech or images that could incite violence, bullying/harassment, spam, graphic violence, adult nudity and sexual activity, or buying/selling/trading/promoting restricted goods or services. Does your content fit these descriptions?

    B. Meta does not send notices by text, email, comments, or DMs, nor do they use the language that is typically seen in the “scam” notifications. Meta notices appear in your feed and will say “We removed your post.” They will thoroughly explain the specific policy and how it was violated and give you the option to have their decision reviewed. To see a handy demo of the “takedown experience,” click here.

    C. Meta only suspends or deletes an account if there are repeated violations despite other punitive actions like restrictions and temporary suspensions. You have to be knowingly and purposefully violating the community standards multiple times before getting to that point.

  1. DO take action. If you received a text or email, report it as spam through your messaging and email app. If you received a direct message or comment on social media, report it to Meta. Then delete or hide the messages.
  1. DO check your account status to confirm that there are no issues with your content. (See below for the “How To”)

Unfortunately, scams are part of the social media experience. Anytime you receive a suspicious message and are concerned about your account, remember the 4 steps above: Don’t click on anything; Think it through; Take action (report it and delete it); Check your account status.

How to check the status of your Instagram account*

  1. From your profile page, on the top right, tap the hamburger menu (mobile) or the settings icon (desktop)
  2. On desktop, you will then tap “Settings and Privacy”
  3. Tap “Account Status” to see if any of your content has been removed or if you have restricted features.


How to check the status of your personal Facebook profile*

  1. Under your profile picture in the upper right corner, tap on the arrow to drop down the menu
  2. Tap “Help & Support”
  3. Tap “Support Inbox”
  4. Tap “Your alerts” to see a list of any violations


How to check the status of your Facebook business page*

  1. Log in to Facebook either on a browser or your app and go to your business page. (You might see a prompt to switch into your business page to take more actions. If so, tap the Switch button.)
  1. Go to the Professional Dashboard in the left column
     Screenshot of KDD’s Facebook business page with arrow indicating where to tap for Professional Dashboard.
  2. Scroll down the left column and tap on Page Recommendation:
    Screenshot of Professional Dashboard menu with arrow indicating where to tap for Page Recommendations.
  3. Tap the Page Status on the right side:
     Screenshot of the Page Recommendation screen with arrow indicating where to tap for Page Status

This next screen will tell you if there are any issues with your page. It also has additional information about community standards and how they are enforced.

Screenshot of KDD’s Page Status indicating there are no issues.


*Meta changes its platforms frequently, but this information is accurate as of June 2024.

Keri has 15+ years of experience building community-focused brands, creating engaging online content, and copywriting. As KDD’s Marketing and Communications Strategist, she develops and executes customized multi-channel marketing plans to help our clients increase their brand visibility and audience engagement.