Knockout Branding Advice


I wouldn’t say Boxing and Branding are synonymous, but this spot-on article about the personal branding of Floyd Mayweather holds some knockout branding advice that was too great not to share.

  1. Create a brand and stick to it. I see this mistake made so often. Entrepreneurs who are not sure how to properly brand themselves will give one brand a try, then go another route, then another. It’s the ‘throw it at a wall and see what sticks’ approach. The better method: do your research, know your target audience, create a memorable brand, and work it. Changing up your brand too often creates confusion. That’s not to say you shouldn’t refresh your brand. But that’s a topic for another blog post.
  1. Be able to back it up. Truth in advertising! It’s pretty simple advice. Don’t make claims you can’t prove. Trust is a pretty important factor in successful marketing.
  1. Don’t be afraid to go bigger. Besides good branding advice, this is good business sense. Want to grow your brand and your company? Take some chances, make some leaps, go big. But if you do your marketing research, you can take these calculated risks with more ease.
  1. Don’t add fuel to the fire. There are some brands that may benefit from being controversial, but ask yourself before you post that next rant on your Facebook page: is your’s one of them? A perfect example: the case of the Maine diner owner who yelled at a customer’s child, then went on a social media rant. Keep it positive when you can, and your customers will respect that.