It’s the Little Things: Facebook Profile Photo


In this episode of “It’s the Little Things,” let’s talk about something that actually IS little… Your business’ Facebook profile image. It seems like such a minor part of your Facebook identity. But consider that when your fans are scrolling through their news feed, the profile image—that teeny-tiny photo to the left of your post—is what the eye will quickly scan to see if it’s a post from someone or some place that they care about.

When I’m working with a client to help them improve their Facebook presence, the profile image is often in need of a little upgrade. Here are some Facebook profile image tips for your business page:

  1. Don’t use your headshot!  This is not your personal profile page. Imagine you’re looking at your Facebook news feed, scrolling through all your friends’ posts. What are all their profile images? Photos, most likely. It makes sense. But you need to stand out as a business. The best case scenario here is that your profile image is a graphic or your logo. Which leads me to tip #2…
  1. Branding, Branding, Branding.  This is the place for your logo (or part of it). Like any post or image you add to Facebook, it’s an excellent opportunity to enforce your brand. Don’t use a graphic that has nothing to do with your company. Don’t use your favorite meme. Use your logo and use your brand colors.
  1. Remember how it will be seen. Yes, the profile image is a decent size when viewed on your business page itself. But most of the time, once a user has come to your Facebook page and liked it, they won’t be coming back to the page itself too often. They’ll hopefully see your posts in their news feed. Meaning they will see the profile image in it’s more natural state: a tiny 40 pixels square. So before you settle on your profile image, take a look at what it looks like very very small. Is it recognizable? Is it bold? Does it blend in to all the other profile images, or does it stand out, like it should?
  1. Be Consistent. Your Facebook profile image is like your logo. It shouldn’t change much, if ever. This is what your fans will remember you by online. And if it’s your logo, or your logo’s icon, then even more reason that you shouldn’t change it. Don’t follow the pack when everyone on Facebook changes their profile image to reflect the latest social issue. Do that on your personal page. Not your business page.
Yes, the profile image on your Facebook page is a very small part of your overall marketing, but the little things count! If you’re looking for more Facebook tips—ways to increase your presence, and up your game when it comes to Facebook—get in touch with us today. We love helping small businesses market themselves more effectively across all channels, including social media!