Holiday Marketing Roundup


When Halloween is over, it’s officially the Holiday Season. That usually means all our attentions are being focused on gift-buying, cookie-baking, and party-going, and maybe not so much on the health of our business marketing. So, to make it easy on you, we’ve rounded up some useful holiday marketing links to keep you on track through the month of December!
  1. Social Media Marketing for the Holidays This list from Small Business Trends will have you posting and tweeting like a pro over the holidays. Favorite tip: create some social media-only promotions. It will incentivize your customers to follow you on social media, and increase your visibility there.
  1. Email Marketing Marketing Land gives us some great holiday tips (and let’s face it, useful year-round ideas!) for your email marketing campaign. Favorite tip: Make sure your emails are mobile friendly! Using a service like MailChimp allows you to preview how your emails will look on a smartphone.
  1. Holiday Gift Giving That gift list isn’t just for your kids, spouses, and in-laws! Make sure to consider your business contacts and customers as well! This list has some great tips when it comes to deciding what to choose for your business gifts. Favorite tip: Make it useful! And this tip is definitely not just for the holidays. Just ask our own Mark Copans. When it comes to choosing a gift or a promotional product, think about what the intended recipient might use on a daily basis!
  1. And what to do about those pesky holiday cards? Not sure what you should be sending for holiday cards? This article from Entrepreneur has some great advice. Favorite Tip: Avoid the Holidays altogether! Last year, I sent New Year’s cards instead. And some folks choose to send Thank You cards at Thanksgiving instead of a holiday card. Sending at off-peak times will help your card stand out.
  1. General Holiday Marketing ideas Just looking for some ideas to boost sales? This article from Financial Post gives us 9 ideas (with a little help from a few well-known reindeer) that you might not have considered. Favorite Tip: Your holiday marketing doesn’t have to end with December. January is a great time to start offering post-holiday deals, and Valentine’s day is right around the corner.