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Do your existing patients rave about your services, but you are still struggling to attract new clients? Is your wellness business still feeling “small” when you want to grow and help more people?

KDD Marketing works with a variety of healthcare providers and wellness-focused businesses. Our team of marketing experts can help you reach the right people, differentiate yourself from the competition, and positively impact others!

KDD has experience in Healthcare and Wellness marketing for businesses such as:

  • Healthcare Providers
  • Dental Service Organizations
  • Mental Health Providers
  • Spas & Massage Therapists
  • Holistic Health Foods & Natural Products
  • Health-related Nonprofits
  • Schools for Health & Wellness
  • …and more!

Dental Services Organization

KDD developed the branding and marketing strategy for a growing regional Dental Service Organization (DSO) with multiple affiliated practices. Acting as an external marketing department for the DSO, the KDD team conducted competitive research, created a strong brand for the DSO, and developed and implemented a comprehensive, multifaceted, and scalable strategy for branding and marketing the individual practices.

Through our ongoing work, which includes social media management, digital advertising, website design and management, marketing collateral design, and internal communications support, the practices have had an increase in new patients and online engagement, and the DSO has expanded its affiliate network. The results have been twofold: individual practices have seen continued growth, while the DSO has experienced overall market growth.




The owners of a skincare and massage studio, which had been open for about a year, wanted their business to quickly evolve into a premier wellness destination. They approached KDD for assistance with refining their brand, reaching new clients, and maintaining consistent contact with current clients.

The studio’s branding efforts had been handled by several different sources, which led to inefficient workflow and marketing challenges. KDD stepped in as a marketing consultant to help fine-tune the different strategies for more efficient marketing and ensure a consistent brand. Our work has included: revising their website with a new sitemap and new content, auditing their social media and making recommendations for increasing organic reach and engagement, creating monthly email marketing campaigns, initiating and managing Google Ads, designing print ads and signage, and updating their logo to reflect their evolving business. The studio has seen significant growth in its client base, which has helped it expand its services and move to a larger location.

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