Email Marketing Tips


Create targeted email campaigns free of spam

Spam accounts for 73.7% of all emails sent in the United States. Email marketing is a low-cost and effective way to communicate with your customer base, but is your latest email marketing campaign considered spam? Make sure it’s not with these useful tips.

1. Build a subscriber list comprised only of people who WANT to receive your emails.

Spam is email that wasn’t solicited. Create a place on your website for users to sign up to receive emails. As long as they signed up, your email isn’t spam.

2. Include an UNSUBSCRIBE link

You also must allow subscribers to unsubscribe in order to not be considered spam.

3. Make the subject meaningful

Get to the point! Don’t make your subject so long that most email systems won’t reveal the whole subject. And be sure the subject is enticing enough for the reader to want to open it.

4. Put your logo up top

Part of marketing is brand recognition. Reinforce your brand right from the start. Put your logo where your customers are sure to see it.

5. Make it clear who the email is from

Make sure you send your emails from an email address that indicates who you are. For instance, don’t use your personal email address (like as the sender of the campaign. Use your business email instead (such as Just starting out? At least set up an email address for free using your business name (such as

6. Use an email service for a more professional look

Sending an e-blast that’s just a jpeg and some copy will not look as great as that email you got from Apple the other day. But guess what? It CAN look that great! Most email services (such as MailChimp or ConstantContact) offer the ability to send campaigns for FREE, and they provide templates to help you design the campaign as well (no coding required!).

Don’t spend valuable time and money on an email campaign that is destined for the trash. By following these simple tips, you can ensure your email marketing efforts aren’t a waste.