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Issue 33 | Fall 2023 | Maps

I’m going on a road trip soon with my husband. It’s a pretty far distance in a fairly short time span, a trip we’ve taken many times, and there are multiple routes we can take, with different things to do and see on each route. Clearly, we have a lot of planning to do to make our trip a success. Marketing is its own roadtrip. There are many different routes and strategies to get where you are going. The length (distance!) of your marketing campaign, who you are trying to reach, and the expected outcome (destination!) will all be affected by the effort you put into planning. Fingers crossed, by the time we pack the car and hit the road, we will have made all the right decisions and plans for a stress-free and enjoyable getaway. But you won’t need to cross your fingers if you plan and budget right for your next marketing campaign.

TIP: Create a yearly marketing plan with clearly defined goals, and assess your progress at regular intervals (months or quarters), making adjustments as needed to stay on track.

Spotlight on Success

photograph of a chicken sandwich

With multiple locations, and another in the works, the owners of a popular restaurant chain needed help defining a social media strategy, developing content, and reaching more people in the region where they operate. KDD created a social media plan for the chain, which served as a roadmap for consistent posting, reinforcing brand recognition, and showcasing a variety of content. The KDD Team also managed the creation of new content by conducting photoshoots at each of the restaurant’s locations. In addition, KDD encouraged the chain owners to consider alternative marketing initiatives to expose their business to a wider audience. As a result, the clearly defined marketing plan and content consistency have generated significant increases in organic reach and engagement on social media and an uptick in year-on-year sales for each of the restaurants.

Worthwhile Reads

photo of a laptop, the screen says "Budget Planning"

Marketing: Don’t Forget the Budget!

by Katy Dwyer

Yes, it’s scary to get transparent about your finances. But your budget is a very important piece of the puzzle when it comes to building a marketing plan.


photo of the interior of a colorful planner

Create a Marketing Plan in 5 Easy Steps

by Katy Dwyer

I would never try to get somewhere I’d never been without a map. Which is why a marketing plan is so important for my business. Here’s are 5 easy steps you can use to create a marketing plan for your business.


photo of a compass

5 Content Discovery Trends To Inform Your Marketing Strategy

as seen on Content Marketing Institute

“Content consumption patterns have stayed mostly the same, but content discovery is changing. Consider these five trends as you finalize your 2024 content plans.”


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Team Fun!

Welcome Alexis, our new Office Administrator! Read her bio on our Team page.


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Lovin’ This

Need help creating a new password? The Passive Aggressive Password Machine is here for you (and a good laugh).




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Insta Fave

Team KDD came together for our Annual Retreat, held this year at Mirbeau Inn in Rhinebeck.



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