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Issue 32 | Summer 2023 | Authenticity

I have two school-age daughters (and I was once a girl myself!). Naturally, we have all seen the Barbie movie this summer. Barbie is very similar to social media. They are both often looked down on for creating an unattainable image for girls, women, and humans alike. We often use social media to represent a picture-perfect (and not genuine) version of our lives. But just like Barbie in the movie [spoiler alert!] we should aim to break free of our cookie-cutter worlds and be authentic, both in our personal lives and our businesses. I’ll leave personal development to the experts, but I am a marketer. Taking the time to identify your authentic brand values, voice, and visuals may just be the boost you need to break free from your conventional and clichéd marketing.

TIP: Authenticity can help your brand connect with your audience on an emotional level and lead to more loyal customers.

Spotlight on Success

The developer of a new high-end apartment complex approached KDD just as they broke ground on construction. Because of the high visibility of the location, passers-by were becoming increasingly curious about the development. Although the client had an existing logo and a landing page, a defined brand identity and marketing and communications strategy were lacking. The client needed help designing a full website and reaching the right prospective renters. KDD began by creating brand guidelines and a visual architecture that supported the existing logo. Since renderings and photographs were not yet available for the units, KDD focused on marketing the lifestyle of living within the community, utilizing stock photos and key messages to develop an authentic brand image. The same messaging strategy was carried over to an updated landing page, email campaign, social media posts, site signage, and ultimately, a full website design.

Worthwhile Reads

photograph of woman on her cell phone. there is an overlay of icons.

Social Media that Fuels Engagement: The Authenticity Formula

by Maggie Nargi-Ackerbauer

What is the magic potion that makes a social media page stand out from the many others? Is it beating the algorithm, buying followers, and boosting your posts?


illustration of a note reading "About Me", there is a laptop and plant in view.

10 Tips for Writing a Great Website Bio

by Keri Jadrovski

In honor of National Update Your Bio Day, we’d like to delve into this topic and share tips to make the task a bit easier!


paper speech bubbles on stickas against a blue background

What Consumers Mean When They Say Products Are Authentic

as seen on American Marketing Association

“…Firms must learn to understand, manage, and excel at rendering authenticity that consumers find credible. The critical question is: how?”


Quick Takes


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Team Fun!

The KDD Team visited Brickmen Kitchen + Bar in Uptown Kingston.


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Lovin’ This

On Astronomy Picture of the Day a different image or photo of our fascinating universe is featured.




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Insta Fave

It’s always a treat when former employees come back to visit, KDD! It was great to see you, Jen.



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