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Issue 31 | Spring 2023 | Expectations

Have you ever been around a young child and watched them discover with joy that pressing a button on their toy results in music or brightly colored lights? That child had no expectations. They did not know what would happen when they pressed that button, but they were very happy with the result. Fast forward to adulthood, and we very rarely go into any situation without any expectations. In fact, more often we experience the disappointment that comes when our expectations are not met. Whether your think about it often or not, the success of your brand and your marketing is a reflection of your customer’s expectations. What type of experience did they expect when they bought your product, ate at your restaurant, or used your service? And in what ways did you not meet, meet, or exceed those expectations? Adding customer expectations to your marketing metrics – and strategizing around who they are and what their expectations are – is one more way you can work towards exceeding your own sales and marketing expectations.

TIP: When setting marketing goals, be clear with your expectations from the start. What matters most to your business, and what are your target metrics? Industry benchmarks are a great way to help you set realistic expectations.

Spotlight on Success

Six months before a new higher education school was preparing to open its doors, the founders approached KDD. They needed help creating a brand identity, identifying target markets, establishing an online presence, and developing and executing a full marketing and advertising strategy. KDD set to work creating a recognizable brand identity and implementing an integrated marketing strategy, complete with website design, social media plans, email funnel campaigns, and digital advertising. From the start, the founders had clear goals and realistic expectations for the school’s first year in business, and thanks to their forethought and prepared planning, KDD was able to meet, and then exceed, their business expectations.

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Quick Takes


welcome to the team!

Team Growth!

The KDD Team collaborated to make custom inspirational stickers.


dogs on twitter

Lovin’ This shares live camera views of animals all around the world – including pandas!




kdd retreat

Insta Fave

Behind the scenes: headshot day by Surprise Photography was a great success!



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