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Issue 30 | Fall 2023 | Fresh

When the clock strikes midnight and a new year is upon us, I am typically feeling the need to rethink and refocus some aspects of my life. Whether it’s eating better, exercising more, or finally organizing my living space (my 2023 goal!), my approach always requires fresh thinking. If I couldn’t accomplish something before, what do I need to do differently to achieve success this time, and how can I carry that fresh approach throughout the year? These principles don’t just apply to our personal lives, but to our businesses and brands as well. A new year is a new opportunity to re-energize your brand and find new fresh approaches to your marketing. What fresh new strategy or tactic can you utilize for your brand and marketing this year?

TIP: Brand identity is so more than just your logo. Colors, shapes, tone of voice, music, and even smells all impact the way people perceive your brand. Think about all the ways your audience interacts with your brand!

Spotlight on Success


A leading brand experience company came to KDD needing a refreshed and more cohesive visual brand for its organization. The company serves a variety of clients, both in the United States and internationally, including food manufacturers, cosmetic businesses, cleaning product companies, and more. The challenge was the company’s lack of a defined brand, which was causing disarray with its marketing materials. With no guide to follow, employees were creating their own visuals each time they made presentations. The KDD team brought a fresh perspective, designing a new visual brand guideline to ensure consistent marketing collateral moving forward. We also created a refreshed PowerPoint template and a pitch deck for the company to use with new clients. Next, we extended the new brand visuals into trade show marketing materials, further supporting the cohesiveness and recognition of the brand.

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Quick Takes


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Team Growth!

 Maggie Nargi-Ackerbauer has joined our team as a Marketing & Communications Assistant.


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Lovin’ This

The “I Voted” spider monster created quite the buzz. Read about it here!




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Insta Fave

Behind the scenes: headshot day by Surprise Photography was a great success!



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