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Issue 28 | Fall 2022 | Trends

Our office is gearing up to get some new headshots taken of our whole team. Naturally, I had to strategize what to wear, and a shopping trip was in order! As I hunted from store to store and rack to rack, I had to consider: are these clothes and color palettes that are all on-trend now going to stand the test of time? I certainly don’t want headshots that will look dated within a year. Trends are tricky like that. How do we know which trends to follow and which to ignore? Perhaps the key to fashion trends that last is knowing what fits your personal style, and is therefore destined to become a classic within your wardrobe. Likewise, the key to marketing trends that survive and thrive is knowing what fits your business strategy and your ideal customer.

TIP: Pay attention to trends – but know which ones to use and which ones to ignore. Are all marketing trends right for your business? Definitely not! To see success, you need to keep in mind your industry, offering, and audience to develop a marketing strategy that’s uniquely yours.

Spotlight on Success


An educational institute needed to rejuvenate its brand image to remain competitive amidst an expanding field of competition in its education space. Although the institute is internationally recognized as a leader in a growing field, its brand image did not reflect its leadership status, and recent marketing efforts and digital advertising campaigns lacked versatility, innovation, and definitive examples of ROI. KDD stepped in to better position the institute with a redesigned logo and updated brand guidelines. In addition. KDD was tasked with creating a robust marketing and advertising strategy that would reach and attract a wider target audience with the measurable goal of increasing enrollments. Through KDD’s comprehensive plan, innovative ideas, and ongoing work, the institute has expanded its reach with its target audiences and is attracting new interest in its educational programs. Admissions staff has seen a two-fold increase in program inquiries.

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Quick Takes


welcome to the team!

Team Growth!

 We now have 2 Social Media & Communications Specialists on the KDD Team! Terrah joined us in July, and Caroline was recently promoted.


dogs on twitter

Lovin’ This

Need a daily dose of dog cuteness? Follow @dog_rates on Twitter. We regularly share their tweets on our KDD #dog_tweets Slack channel!




kdd retreat

Insta Fave

In August, the KDD Team came together for our first annual Retreat. We spent the day team building, refreshing our creativity, practicing branding techniques, and having fun!



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