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Issue 27 | May/June 2022 | Build

My husband and I have been thinking about putting an addition on our house for years. We just need a little more space. We love our house, we love our neighborhood, so we don’t want change, we just want more of what we like. That got me thinking… Hopefully, someday (or even today!) you will find yourself in a position where your business is doing well. You aren’t feeling like you need change, but you want to build on the good reach, good engagement, and good customers you have. Building on what’s working in your marketing can be a small step to encourage large growth. And because you’re building on strategies that are already in place, it doesn’t take major effort to make it happen. A simple analysis of your current data and a little brainstorming on how to capitalize on that success, and you’re already on your way to more of what you love: increased sales, happy customers, and brand love! What’s successful for you today that you can build on tomorrow?

TIP: Build on your most successful social media. Pay attention to analytics of your posts, reels, and stories. Do you have more engagement on a particular post? Plan more posts like that one to increase your reach on a regular basis.

Spotlight on Success


A non-profit client approached KDD looking for a more strategic and focused social media plan, specifically for Instagram and Facebook. With no in-house personnel to assist them with their goals, the KDD team executed a brand evaluation, established a new workflow method, created content targeted to their audience, and improved outreach to promote shares and reposts. As a result, the client saw an increase in organic following and engagement and a much wider reach within 6 months. This client also wanted to increase registration for an upcoming virtual event. KDD determined that a FB video advertisement would be the best avenue to drive enrollees and campaign awareness. The client saw an increase in attendee registration and the campaign had a reach of over 65,000 social media users. Through our strategic and expert assistance, KDD helped this non-profit thrive.

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Quick Takes


welcome to the team!


 KDD welcomes our fluffiest team member, Charlie. He is an 8-month-old miniature poodle who brings us joy every day. Follow us for puppy content.



Lovin’ This

Feeling down? This hotline created by a small elementary school in California features pep talks given by inspirational students.




rupco Website

Insta Fave

This new site showcases all of RUPCO’s incredible work within the community and is easy to navigate. Get to know who they are, what they do, and how RUPCO can help you by visiting!



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