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Issue 26 | April/May 2021 | Goals

That moment when you write down your goals can be exhilarating. There, on the paper (or screen) in front of you may lay your future. Goals give you purpose, they give you something to strive for. But what’s better than having goals? Achieving goals. Goals without strategy and data behind them are just aspirations. This issue of Brand Lovin’ is all about the work behind those goals and how research, planning, statistics, and analysis can help in your quest to up-level your marketing and your business success.

TIP: Make sure you’re connected to Google Analytics. Is your website connected to Google Analytics? If it’s not, it should be. Even if you don’t yet know how to read them, that data could be instrumental in your next digital campaign, social push, or even an upcoming website redesign.

Spotlight on Success



An e-commerce client approached KDD about up-leveling and optimizing their Google Ad campaigns. They were running too many campaigns that were not converting into sales, but they had no in-house personnel with the knowledge or time to take on this task. KDD performed a thorough audit of the latest ad data to determine which campaigns were performing and which weren’t. We researched and established a useful keyword list, properly connected the client’s account to their Google Merchant account, adjusted landing page links, instituted proper conversion tracking, and established new and optimized campaigns with targeted ad copy to better resonate with potential customers. As a result, the client saw not only an increase in online conversions (more sales!) but also was able to decrease overall ad spend.

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Quick Takes


welcome to the team!


Give a big KDD Welcome to TWO new team members! We are pleased to introduce social media intern Ally Choi and administrative assistant Cindy Arias to the KDD Team!



Lovin’ This

Microsoft is testing five new fonts, with the intention to replace Calibri as its default Office font. Which is YOUR favorite? Tenorite, Bierstadt, Skeena, Seaford, or Grandview?




Ole Savannah Website

Insta Fave

Just in time for spring – we’ve designed a fresh new website for @ole_savannah_southern_table! Check it out!



Your Turn

What questions do you have about marketing strength, customer service, branding, websites, or communications? Click Here and ask us!


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