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Issue 25 | March 2021 | Spring

You hear that, right? It’s the sound of birds singing in the morning, gently telling us that the snow is melting, the flowers are about to bloom, and it’s time to do some spring cleaning of your marketing! Okay, I know spring cleaning may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you look forward to the changing of the season, but it should definitely be top of your list. We feel energized when the sun starts shining, and we should let that extra spring in our step flow over to our business. Just like you would plan spring cleaning of your home, you should plan to spring clean your marketing. Take stock of your website, all your social profiles, your digital footprint. Make sure your customers are finding you where you want to be found, finding the information you want them to know, and make sure they are being served the experience you want them to have. Take a moment to ask for reviews or testimonials, add a few case studies to your website, recommit to a consistent social strategy, start that Google Ad campaign you’ve been planning to try. This is your moment to flip the mattress, vacuum the drapes, and polish up that brand!.

TIP: Keep a Checklist. Don’t scramble every few months wondering what you need to check up on. Make a quarterly checklist of THE marketing items you need to stay on top of, and refer back to it often. Hours updated? Check! Website platform updated? Check! Responded to reviews? Check! Taking the guesswork out will prove to be a successful strategy.

Spotlight on Success

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A local non-profit organization needed guidance. A newish website and a rebrand a little over a year ago hadn’t yet translated into the general public understanding that this organization had a pretty drastic change in how they accomplish their mission. KDD began by surveying the footprint of the brand and viewing it from the eye of an outsider. We were able to identify gaps and confusion in the content on the website, inconsistencies across social profiles and Google My Business accounts, missed PR opportunities, and a lack of engagement with the media and community. Bit by bit, we have laid out a strategy and guided our clients in new tactics to meet their goals of better reach and better awareness and understanding of their brand.  

Worthwhile Reads

Spring Cleaning Checklist

FREE audit checklist!


A quarterly check-in of your digital footprint is necessary! Learn what should you be auditing with our handy FREE checklist…


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making your website accessible


Making your website accessible is just good business sense. It’s not easy, and there’s no magic wand, but you should invest the time and money in this important endeavor.


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6 ways to spring clean your business

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There’s more to spring cleaning than just marketing. This article from outlines some additional targets like accounting and your business plan.

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Travel may still be off the table, but you can visit solar systems near and far right from the comfort of your desk chair at NASA photo and video archive.




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“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.”
– Serena Williams


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