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Issue 24 | February 2021 | Fame

Tell me the truth, do you like social media? We know it’s an important business tool. It has a positive effect on search engine optimization, it fosters community and engagement between businesses and their consumers, and it allows brands and their fans to have direct unimpeded communication. But social media can feel destructive sometimes. It can make you feel “less-than” when constantly chasing numbers. “Did that post reach enough people?” “How many followers do we have?” “What’s the point if we only got a few likes?” Here’s my truth: I do like social media as a place to make our mark, to pull back the curtain of KDD, to share knowledge, to commiserate, to create brand love. Do we have 10,000 followers? Nope! Does that worry me? Nope! Because I don’t need 10,000 followers. I just need the right audience and the right engagement. I don’t need social media fame to have social media success, and neither do you. The next time you want to throw in the social media towel because you think you aren’t getting the results you’ve been led to expect, change that expectation from quantity of likes to quality engagement.

TIP: Have a manageable, yet consistent, social presence. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, but don’t spit it out either! You need to be on the right social platform, where your audience is. And to keep it manageable, make a plan. Your plan shouldn’t be all promotion. Remember to keep it useful, informative, relational, visual, and most importantly, active!

Spotlight on Success

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Social media needs to be authentic and transparent, but it doesn’t have to be done single-handedly or internally. Two years ago, the owners of a local business, affiliated with a national brand, reached out for some help because they didn’t have the time or the know-how to drive their digital marketing strategy. Our team began by creating a content plan for social media, and we continue to develop their social media calendar on a bi-weekly basis, manage their posts, assist with email marketing, and refine and maintain their website. The results were immediate with a major increase in reach and engagement, of which the national organization even took notice. The business owners still play an important role in the strategy by bringing ideas to the table, sharing photos of their meetings and events, and participating on social media on their personal accounts. It’s a team effort that continues to grow their audience and brand for true social media success!  

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Joan Mena

Insta Fave

Happy 1-Year Work Anniversary to our fabulous graphic designer, Joan! Thank you for the positive energy and artistry you bring to work each day!


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