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Issue 23 | January 2021 | Strength

When the clock struck 2021, the world didn’t magically reset (I was shocked, too!). Who knows what lies ahead in the new year? Certainly not me, but I do know that only I control how I measure up to whatever challenges this year might bring, and the same goes for you, too. I rose to the challenge in 2009 when, out of necessity from a financially devastating 2008 recession, I began building Katy Dwyer Design. I just discovered that 2021, like 2009, is the year of the Ox. The Ox represents strength and reliability. So here’s my challenge to you: Make this year the year you rise up, work hard marketing your business, and show your audience what a reliable brand looks like. Demonstrate your strength by being specific about who your audience is, how you want to communicate with them, and building lasting engagement. Let this be the year of your brand rebirth. Flex your marketing muscle and take the Ox by the horns.

TIP: Having a Customer Service Strategy shows strength, not fear. Having a customer service strategy means you are focusing on your customer’s experience with your brand. It shouldn’t mean always preparing for the negative! Be PROACTIVE. Always have your customer’s positive experience in mind when making brand and business decisions.

Spotlight on Success

Social Distancing Graphics and Family Pickup Promo


Restaurants have spent the last year adapting for their customers. Whether that meant finding unused outdoor space for open-air dining, creating new family to-go meals, packaging cocktails for take-out, adjusting menus with an ever-changing food supply problem, or welcoming customers inside for a safe and socially-distant dining experience, restaurants have faced enormous challenges since the start of the pandemic. Katy Dwyer Design is proud to be there for our food-service clients and be a part of helping them succeed through multiple marketing initiatives, such as:

Redesigned Single-use Menus • Social Promotions & Announcements
Online Ordering • Safety & Social Distancing Graphics • Website Updates • Google MyBusiness Updates • And more!

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Customer Feedback

customer service strategy 101

as seen on

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Quick Takes




Cheers to 1-Year Anniversaries! We’re celebrating the anniversaries of not one, but TWO of our amazing team members. Congrats to Daniella and James on an amazing year with KDD!



Lovin’ This

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pantone color of the year

Insta Fave

Here they are – Pantone’s Colors of the Year for 2021! Illuminating (yellow) and Ultimate Gray – “a story of color that encapsulates deeper feelings of thoughtfulness with the promise of something sunny and friendly.” Follow us on Instagram



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