Boost Your Brand with Benefits


You’re probably really good at answering the question “So what is it that you do?” You know what to say if asked, “Tell us a little about your business.” If your business is established, it’s likely that you have your 30 second elevator pitch at the ready. But next time you find yourself repeating that speech, ask yourself: Is your go-to spiel focused on your business? Or is it focused on the person you are presenting it to? Ask yourself if you are marketing your business by its features or its benefits.


You may think you promote the benefits of your product or service, but are you really just listing off its features?


Let’s say you are selling backpacks for hiking…


Your backpacks have multiple zippered pockets to hold a phone, keys, and wallet. They have easy-access waterproof pockets to hold a water bottle. And the packs are edged with reflective material making them easier to spot in the dark.


Those are features.


Think of features as characteristics, components, even ingredients. 


So now the customer knows what the backpack does. 


They are still left wondering, What’s in it for me?





Benefits differ from features in that they represent the value your product or service has for your customer. 


They answer that question: What’s in it for me?


Remember, while the bells and whistles you’ve carefully added to your product or service may mean a lot to you, your customer is making decisions based on their own desires.


Your customers are worried about one thing: Solving their own problems.


Going back to the backpack, how can we describe its benefits?


Feature: Multiple Zippered Pockets

Benefits: Keep all your important possessions separate, never dig in a pocket again, hunting through the mess. Never lose your keys or phone again while on a hike.


Feature: Water-proof Waterbottle pockets

Benefits: No more drip drip drip! You’ll never be bothered again by the condensation off your water bottle, dripping while you hike. Your expensive smartphone won’t be soaked by your thirst-quenchers.


Feature: Reflective edging

Benefits: Feel safe knowing that if you are out later than anticipated, reflective edging will keep you safe from oncoming traffic. And let’s hope this never happens, but should you get lost on an off-the-beaten-path trip, the reflective pack may help you be spotted quicker.


How can I make my business’ benefits work harder?

It starts by clearly identifying what they are.


Use a feature/benefit matrix to organize and identify your benefits, and subsequently, what a good call-to-action might be for those benefits.


Feature/Benefit Matrix


Download your own Feature/Benefit Matrix HERE


Once you have identified your benefits, work them into your marketing, your advertising, your pitches, and your elevator speech.


You’ll start to see the benefit of building your brand with benefits!