4 Compelling Reasons You Should Include Testimonials in Your Marketing


by Maggie Nargi-Ackerbauer


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Choosing a new service, restaurant, or product can often feel like a gamble. Many of us have fallen victim to an iffy restaurant, a poorly responsive company, or a new business with little online presence. So, as business owners, how else can you prove yourself to be worthy of the customer’s purchase and provide assurance that your product or service will satisfy?

In a digital age where social proof reigns supreme (think TikTok influencer), the power of testimonials can prove to be an unmatched champion of online credibility in your branding. Follow along to read the four reasons you should use them in your marketing.


Reason #1: Testimonials build brand credibility and trust

Integrating testimonials into your website and social media serves as a crucial trust-building strategy. By showcasing positive experiences, especially for new customers, you enhance your business’s credibility, providing tangible evidence that others have not just purchased but found satisfaction in what you offer. These testimonials serve as a testament to your brand’s commitment, demonstrating a track record of delivering on promises and consistently providing valuable services within your industry.

Reason #2: Testimonials increase conversions from website visitors into customers

The second advantage of incorporating customer feedback is that it encourages visitors to take the leap and make that purchase from your business. When potential customers are on your website or social media, many are often hesitant to actually buy something. By prominently featuring positive testimonials from happy customers, you create a gentle nudge that can sway those who are merely browsing, effectively converting their interest into a confident purchase decision. Studies even show that when a customer interacts with a testimonial, they are 58% percent more likely to convert from browsing to buying.


Reason #3: Testimonials boost SEO (search engine optimization)

Along with social proof and customer conversion, testimonials can also increase the visibility of your website. Adding real customer experiences to your pages provides valuable and authentic content that search engines love. Customer feedback that includes relevant keywords can also act as a magnet for search engines, drawing in potential customers by using words they commonly search for and improving exposure for your page. As your site engages users, it climbs in search engine rankings – which attracts more traffic and impressions to your website.


Reason #4: Testimonials provide a personal connection with your audience

Including customer recommendations in your marketing can offer users a more authentic encounter with your brand. Real-life testimonials inject a personal touch to their experience on your website. It can also foster a sense of connection with the individuals who share their thoughts on your product or service. This kind of engagement not only cultivates brand loyalty but can also play a pivotal role in transforming one-time buyers into repeat customers.


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Maggie Nargi-Ackerbauer is the Marketing & Communications Associate at KDD. Maggie is a Poughkeepsie local who has a passion for giving brands a voice to connect with their mission and authentically express themselves.