3 Marketing Resolutions You Can Actually Keep


by Karianna Haasch

Happy New Year! The calendar rolled over yet again, and perhaps you’ve made THIS year THE year that you are going to get your marketing ducks in a row. But not so fast – how do you make marketing resolutions you can actually keep? Here are three ideas…



1.  Know Your Customer

It sounds obvious, and perhaps your initial response is “of COURSE I know my customer!” But stop and ask yourself – how well do you know them? Who are they? What do they do? Where do they go? What do they buy (aside from your product/service)? How do they live their lives?

Truly understanding your customer goes beyond their demographics (like age, gender, income, etc.). You need to identify factors such as your customer’s lifestyle, activities, interests, and buying behavior to really get to know them. This multi-dimensional outlook will help you to create an ideal customer “persona” and better tailor your marketing efforts to that audience.


2. Re-examine Your Offerings

When was the last time you looked at your offerings with fresh eyes? It’s easy to become complacent with your products or services and to continue presenting them in the same old way. This year, mix up your perspective! Take a long hard look at your offerings, and pretend you are your customer. Does this product/service truly speak to your customer? Are the benefits (not just the features) clearly defined? Are you creating an emotional connection with your audience? Or are things feeling a little muddled? 

By critically examining your offerings and asking yourself questions about how your customers are perceiving them, you can identify improvements for your marketing. The key here is to take on the perspective of your customer, not yourself!


3. Make Your Marketing Bite-sized

You’ve got your marketing plan together! You’re determined to post on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook every single day. You’ll send weekly emails, ask every customer for a 5-star review, and completely rewrite your website content to maximize SEO. Plus, now is the time to start some digital advertising!

Wait – TIME-OUT! Are you really going to do all of those things? (If you are, then rock on!) If you aren’t, maybe it’s time to re-examine your goals. Structure your marketing plan around the tactics that you can confidently and effectively achieve – make it bite-sized! Maybe this means starting small and working your way up to a bigger plan. For example, try posting on social media consistently 2-3 days per week, instead of every day. Or it could mean hiring some outside help (hello, agency partner!) to accomplish everything on your list. Either way, here’s the secret: the best marketing strategies are the ones you can successfully execute.


Need some help setting your new year’s marketing resolutions? We’re here for you! The KDD team can help you develop a fully customized marketing plan that reaches your ideal customers – and we’ll help you execute it!

Karianna Haasch is the Director of Marketing & Communications at KDD. Karianna has over 10+ years of experience in business strategy, brand development, and integrated marketing communications.